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We Are Lost & Found ♥

But love is gonna save us.


The name is Nina but i dunt go Nanana all day long . Ilovemy name . Cos , It's me ! I'm 11 tis year , going 12 on 10/06 , tht's why , im 100610's Girl . Im nortt popular .. but we can be good friends rite ? ilovemyfriends , they rock my life . Pun En and Angie , is my world . They make me smile , they make full joy to my life . ilovethem .

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Sunday, June 13, 2010, @ 7:08 AM

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 7:08 AM

Thursday, June 10, 2010, @ 12:12 AM

YAY!!!!!!had truckloads of funs!!!hope my friends had too!!!

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 12:12 AM

Tuesday, June 8, 2010, @ 7:16 PM
About the Chalet on 6-7 June

Had lots of fun!!!!
went swimming with cousins immediately after we pack our bags
went to 1.2metres deep.
can see people thru the sort of mirror??
we see thru it is blur.
but when ppl from downstairs see thru it,
it is clear
On the 7 of June,
woke up at abt 8-10+am.
went out for breakfast.
all the childrens ate chicken rice.
yum yum! it was delicous.
then after breakfast,
head back to chalet.
changed into our swimming suit..
my cousins swim suit was sexy...lols
went wild wild wet.
played shiok river first be4 playing ular-lar.
i dun wanna play ular-lar,
so i quarreled wif my mum
but my ah yi console me
my ah yi wanted to make me happy,
so we pushed my mother down the float.
went playing ular-lar with my cousins,ahyi and my mum.
sat wif my ah yi and my mum.
scary but exciting..
went for a second time.
didn't manage to capture me..
but nvm
i was super fun]
we went to play tsunami.
went to 1.2metres deep agn
and the waves pushed us back to 0.9metres deep.
after playing tsunami,
we the children went to play shiok river.
but my bro,neighbours and uncle micheal went to play the U-shape,
they said that their butt hurts.
ate KFC after swimming.
head back to the chalet swimming pool and play again.
had lots of barbercue.
said good bye to everyone after barbercue,
head back home.
hope to play again if possible.
that's the end of the chalet.
Will tell you more about my birthday when i am free either later or tomorrow.

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 7:16 PM

Thursday, June 3, 2010, @ 1:53 AM
Going Chalet on 6 June!!

Thinking of that makes me so happy!!!
Swimming all day!!
7 June going Wild Wild wet!
Will tell you more when i come back on Mon!!

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 1:53 AM

@ 1:48 AM
My Birthday is reaching!!!

Birthday coming!!!
Next thursday actual bd.
Next tues celebrating!!
Many ppl coming!!
more than 30!
Expecting many presents hahas!!!
Have a Nice Day be4 you leave!!!
Venue:secret!(only those have invitation card know!Muahahaha)

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 1:48 AM

Wednesday, May 26, 2010, @ 9:48 PM

went for meet the parents session wif my grandpa.
got position 11.
teachers hab nth to tok abt me.hahs.
bye!ltr going out wif charis

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 9:48 PM

@ 1:54 AM
Had A Great Day Today!Cos They Are So Caring!

Hi Guys!!Im back to post!
went to cineplex as a incentive trip,
with marcus,rayna,joey,see kee,Ms Ng and ME!!!
Lixuan also met us there!
watch-ed Shrek Forever After(3D)!
feeling giddy,
complaining to rayna that im giddy,
wanting to vomit...lawls...
After Movie,
immediately rushed out to get
If not,im really going to vomit.
when rayna help-ed me tell ms ng that i need the toilet,
wanting to vomit,
she was shocked!
Grabbing my hands,
rushing me to the toilet.
Had a loooooooooooonnnngg queue
At that time,See Kee was like my big and caring siister!!
Will you be my sister?
hope so!!
ca't really vomit.
see kee and Ms ng is waiting outside the door for me!
when i came out,i felt like i am the *Queen*
Cause everyone is so worried abt me.
ESP. Ms Ng.
She keep asking me if i am really fine.
see kee too.:)
when i heard ms ng said that we are the last class to board the bus,
she grabb-ed my hand agn and ran for the bus!
It was like She was my *mummy*...JKJK!!!HAHS!
board-ed the bus,
sat wif see kee,
she tell me to rest.
i rest-ed.
get off the bus,
ms ng asked me agn if i am really really fine.
I nodded my head.
went to her table to collect our bags,
she told us to go back and do our work.
See kee said that she wanted to go back to play computer first...
Walk-ed wif rayna annd joey to the bus-stop,
when walking to the 7-11,
saw a little boy's ***
he was like dancing wif his pants down!!!!!!
feel like vomiting at that time!!
Reach-ed the bus stop,
said good bye to them.
went home all by myself,
Haize...so lonely.
Thanks for all those caring,guys!
I really appreciate it!!

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 1:54 AM